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Avoiding Christmas Debt

26 November 2013

It’s tempting to spend more than you can afford to at Christmas. Use these tips to help curb your spending.

Payday Loan costs to be capped

25 November 2013

The government has announced plans to cap the costs of payday loans.

Benefit cap 'not encouraging work or saving money'

28 October 2013

The government's benefit cap will struggle to meet its aims of encouraging people into work and saving taxpayers' money, a report suggests.

Citizens Advice reports 'alarming' rise in foodbanks enquiries

19 August 2013

New figures from Citizens Advice show a 78% rise in enquiries about foodbanks in the past six months.

ESA Assessments 'unacceptably poor', says review

22 July 2013

DWP will get additional providers to administer assessments after review finds reports wanting

9 out of 10 Benefit Claimants are not ready for Universal Credit

08 July 2013

Nine out of 10 benefit claimants are not ready to deal with the government's welfare changes, and are likely to lose out when it is introduced nationally in October.

'Soaring' demand for Citizens Advice in the wake of benefit changes

12 June 2013

The number of people seeking urgent advice about benefits problems is soaring as vulnerable Britons are being “driven to despair” by welfare reforms.

ESA Fitness-for-work tests ruled unfair on mental health

23 May 2013

Work capability assessments place those with mental health conditions at substantial disadvantage, judge concludes

Jobcentre staff accused of failing to alert public to poverty loans

23 April 2013

Local authorities say their crisis support schemes, many reliant on charity and suffering from cuts, are struggling to cope

World Consumer Day - your rights

15 March 2013

15 March 2013 is world consumer day. With over half a million complaints to the Citizens Advice consumer service in England and Wales between April 2012 and February 2013, here’s a reminder of your rights.

Work Programme is 'failing'

26 February 2013

The scheme to help long-term unemployed people into work has been branded 'extremely poor' by MPs

Unpaid Jobseeker schemes ruled 'unlawful'

15 February 2013

Two schemes that required JSA claimants to do unpaid work in order to continue claiming their benefit have been ruled unlawful by the Court of Appeal.

Welfare Benefits Changes

04 February 2013

Worried about the forthcoming changes to the benefits system? Here's a summary of how they might affect you.

'Millions of Households' face council tax rises in April

31 January 2013

Millions of the poorest households will face a council tax rise in April 2013, research suggests.

Work and the Snow: your rights

24 January 2013

If you're having problems getting to work because of the snow and freezing conditions, you should know about your rights.

HMV goes into administration

15 January 2013

Worried about your rights regarding goods and services from HMV? Look here for further information.

Free bus travel for Jobseekers

04 January 2013

If you're unemployed and looking for work, you can travel for free by bus during January 2013.

Get help early for Christmas Debt problems

02 January 2013

Struggling with debts after christmas? Get advice early to help keep them under control